What do the following all have in common?

Surprise Trips


Taco Tours

Natural Disasters


It all started online with a game of Two Truths and a Lie. Chris was to guess which of the following Anna was lying about. Had she danced on stage with the 90s sensation Tone Loc, won a chili cook-off, or sang "Float On" with a crowd of locals at a Modest Mouse concert in Barcelona?

Fortunately, Chris guessed correctly, and he was intrigued. They decided to meet for dinner to see if there was a spark. From there, they had a series of memorable dates.

From their brief chats, Chris knew Anna liked cooking and trying new recipes. On their first date, he brought her an illustrated cookbook. She was touched by his thoughtfulness. They went to a new restaurant in her neighborhood and were seated at a small table with two oversized thrones. They still laugh at their first meeting.

On their second date, they did some adventurous eating and dared each other to eat heart, tongue, and jowl. They then went to a blues bar to watch Peaches Staten play the washboard. They talked about their favorite bands, and Chris was horrified to learn Anna (still) loved Mr. Big.

For their third date, they exchanged mix CDs. (Anna tried to redeem herself and prove she liked more than 80s hair bands.) On their fourth date, they played thumb war for the bill (best 2 out of 3). Even though Anna lost, Chris still insisted on treating her. After each date, they looked forward to the next one. She knew he was kind, generous, and someone she could go on many adventures with.

They look forward to starting their next adventure with their family and loved ones April 23!


Who else helped bring them together ... that's right, this guy!


We can't wait to kick off the celebrations with friends and family in Chicago!